Sweet Confidential

Strain: Sweet Confidential (Sweet Afghan Haze x LA Confidential)

Recommended experience level: Advanced

Female: Sweet Afghan Haze

About the mother:


  • Sweet Afghan Haze is a very high THC producing strain with a delightful taste that features a sandalwood like aroma and juniper undertones to the flavor. However, with the long flower period and crazy stretching, this isn’t one we’d recommend for novice growers or those with height restrictions in their grow room.

Yield: high

  • 400-800g/ 1000W

Flowering time: Very long

  • 77-84 days.

Growth stature:

  • Extraordinarily vigorous growth, this strain stretches like no other. We’ve put one straight out of the cloner into the flower room, and she still was nearly 3.5ft tall at harvest. Luckily she’s vigorous enough to handle topping and pruning all the way to week 4 of flower which is not something we’d normally recommend with any other strain.

Nugget type and density:

  • Loose spear shaped nuggets that get beautiful fall colors to them once you start flushing.

Unique strain traits and oddities of mother:

  • Tallest strain out there
  • Most vigorous growth in all stages

Why we chose her:

  • We chose the Sweet Afghan Haze for her vigorous growth and mile high THC levels. With this cross we’re hoping to increase the growth vigor of the LA Confidential, and tame the stretching of the Sweet Afghan Haze while maintaining the high potency found in both parents. This cross will have the most variation between phenotypes of any in our Confidential Collection due to the parents being near opposites in growth patterns.

Traits to look for in ideal phenotype:

Desired traits from mother

  • Vigorous growth
  • Extraordinarily high THC levels
  • High resin production
  • Disease resistance
  • Stability, consistency, and repeatability
  • High medicinal value

Desired traits from pollen donor (LA Confidential)

  • Manageable height
  • Tight dense buds
  • Short flowering period
  • High resin production
  • High potency
  • Disease resistance
  • Stability, consistency, and repeatability
  • High medicinal value

Undesirable traits potentially inherited from parents

  • Long flower period (Sweet Afghan Haze)
  • Extreme stretching during flowering (Sweet Afghan Haze)
  • Lower than average yield (LA Confidential)
  • Slow vegetative growth (LA Confidential)

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May 22, 2012