Sour OG

Strain: Sour OG (Raskal OG X Sour Diesel)

Experience level: Intermediate

Yield: 400-900g/ 1000W

Female: Raskal OG

Male: Sour Diesel

Classification: 60% Indica/ 40% Sativa

Flowering Time:  65-75 days

Desirable Traits

  • From mother:  High potency, high resin production, vigorous vegetative growth, chemy/OG smell.
  • From pollen donor (Sour Diesel):  Heavy yields, distinct/familiar smell, high resin production, vigorous vegetative growth, large flowers, and moderate/dense flowers.

Undesirable Traits

  • From mother:  average/ low production.
  • From pollen donor:  tall growth stature. Longer flowering time (70days).

I would look for a phenotype that…
Has the OG smell and resin production of the Raskal OG and the production of the Sour Diesel. Plants should have large moderately dense flowers with impressive trichome coverage.   These plants are going to grow tall, so height restrictions can come into play. Topping, trellising, training is a must, as these plants can reach heights of 7-8ft. Training them will also help increase production, an added bonus.  I would look for a phenotype that finished in 65 days, but that is just a personal preference. Great phenotypes can be found in plants that take a little longer to flower. I would toss any that take over 11 weeks.


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April 9, 2013