(Cinderella 99 [Jack Herer x Unknown Male] x S.A.G.E. [Big Sur Holy x Afghani])

Recommended Experience Level: intermediate

Overview: This heady sativa cross will produce some potent, unique smelling flowers. This plant will be tall, so training will be required

Yield: Large

Flower time: 65-75 days

Growth Stature: Tall, Moderate/Large internodal spacing

Nugget Type: Moderately Large, dense flowers

Traits to look for in an ideal phenotype

Unique Strain Traits: High THC content, unique aroma, good trichome coverage

Desired traits from the mother: Dense large flowers, good trichome coverage, moderate flowering time

Desired traits from the pollen donor: Smell, taste, resin production, high THC content

Undesirable traits from parents: Sage- Long flowering time, tall growth stature, moderately dense flowers.   Cin99- Not mold resistant,