Purple God Bud

(Purple Urkle X Grape God Bud [Grapefruit X BC Big Bud])

Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate

Overview: Very sweet, grape aroma, dense trichome set and large colas

Yield: High, 400-800g/1000W

Flower time: 55-65 days

Growth Stature: Tall, sativa like branches and leaves, 6-12 tops is best

Nugget Type: Very purple with orange hairs and neon green leaves. Dense

Traits to look for in an ideal phenotype

Unique Strain Traits: Grape smell and taste, purple color, yields more than both parents

Desired traits from the mother (Purple Urkle): Color, smell, growth structure, vegetative vigor, propagation success, yield

Desired traits from the pollen donor (Grape God Bud): Smell, taste, resin production, short flower time, large nugs, high THC content

Undesirable traits from parents: Grape God Bud – low yield, leafy, slow vegetative growth. Purple Urkle – Stability (prevalence of banana flowers), low THC content (17%)


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October 9, 2014