Jack’s Fire

Jack Flash x S.A.G.E

Recommended Experience Level: Beginner

Overview: Two great sativas mixed together. Look for a high yielding, large nug sizes and potent aromas

Yield: 70-120g

Flower time: 65-80 days

Growth Stature: Long and stretchy, big and narrow leaves, could definitely benefit from supercropping or scrog

Nugget Type: Large conical trichome covered flowers. Slightly airy

Traits to look for in ideal phenotype

Desired traits from the mother (Jack Flash): unique flavor and aroma and classic Jack nug structure

Desired traits from the pollen donor (S.A.G.E): Strong vegetative growth, large yields, high THC content

Undesirable traits from parents: Jack Flash – none. S.A.G.E – foxtails in high temperatures, long flower times