Grape Skunk

(Grape Skunk [Super Skunk X Grapefruit X Blueberry] X Grape God Bud [Grapefruit X BC Big Bud])

Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate

Overview: Double the dose of grape flavor! This strain out produces both parents, but takes on the purple color from the Grape Skunk and high resin production of the Grape God Bud. Very stable and great propagation success.

Yield: High, 400-800g/1000W

Flower time: 55-60 days

Growth Stature:  tall and narrow, with little branching. 4-6 tops is best.

Nugget Type: Long, dense, slightly purple with orange hairs

Traits to look for in ideal phenotype

Unique strain traits: Extra strong grape smell and flavor. Very short flowering time. High yielding (better than both parents). High resin production.

Desired traits from the mother (Grape Skunk):   grape flavor and aroma, good resin production, purple color

Desired traits from the pollen donor (Grape God Bud): Smell, taste, resin production, short flower time, large nugs, high THC content

Undesirable traits from parents: Slow vegetative growth, poor branching, leafy.


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October 9, 2014