GhostPhish OG

YEM OG (Ghost OG x Phishhead Kush) x Afghan Ghost OG

Hybrid Ratio: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Seed Type: Regular

Yield: Average

Type of Grow: Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor Flower Time: 65-70 Days

Growth Stature: Compact to above average

Phenotypic Variation: Medium

Common Terpene Profiles Notes: Fuel, lemon, earthy

Possible Characteristics: The intent here was acquiring shorter stature plants, but the taller phenotypes are quite nice as well.

Additional Notes: Ghost OG infused with a bit of Phishhead Kush to help tame the height. This is an OG bred for vigor and shorter stature. Perfect for those that can’t consider growing other OG Kush varieties due to their height. She’s more grower friendly than most OG Kush varieities, so a perfect starting point for a novice grower looking to get in to the world of OG Kush.